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Episode 3: Eating disorders and COVID-19, with Ary Maharaj

In this episode we talk with Ary Maharaj, RP (Qual) about the impact of COVID-19 on eating disorders. Ary is the Outreach and Education Coordinator at the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC), and also a member of the community of practice at Hard Feelings. We explore ways to create safety for yourself and others, and share lots of helpful coping tools and resources.

Episode 2: Poetry and words for weird times, with Ronna Bloom

In this episode, we talk with poet and former psychotherapist, Ronna Bloom. We explore the power of poetry and words as a coping mechanism during COVID-19. Featuring music by Blue Dot Sessions.

Episode 1: Single session therapy, with Taïna Mayberry

In our first episode, we talk about single session therapy with Taïna Mayberry, a registered social worker and founder of The Most Nurtured. Featuring music by Blue Dot Sessions.

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